Sorry for the broken theme before, everyone! I switched to something simpler.

That’s right, Lee-lee! You could definitely use a guest artist! Someone with style, grace, comedic timing, and a great smile!

Or at least can draw better than I can! I mean look at this!

Okay, I guess it’s pretty awesome. But guest artists are always welcome to help out!


Fanpony and co are gonna do that thing where you get together with family and pretend you like the stuff they get you! So fanpony will be back in about a week or so with..well probably nothing. But we’ll be back!

Have a happy holidays everyone!

(Renovations at work)


And nothing of value was gained. Special thanks to Kur for the lovely Luna lineart and This guy for the choice Celestia picture.

It was an intense card game


So uh..thanks for the followers. Yeah..I’m sitting pretty at like 1800+ pretty for this blog, and 400 for the others..


(This makes me wanna bring this blog back. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!)


Cheerilee is obviously best alicorn, guys.

I must agree!